Print Types

• Digital Printing
Flat digital colour/black printing is the most basic printing method of flat ink colours on the paper, leaving a smooth finish. 

Our professional digital printing is the simplest and quickest, allowing costs to be reduced. Although this option is simplistic, we do offer a range of unique finishes. 

Digital printing is economical, ensuring that only exact amounts of invitations/stationery are printed on time in a fast and efficient method. 

White Ink Printing
White ink printing is a similar method to digital colour printing in that it delivers a flat print, however instead of printing your design in colour, your design is printed in all white ink for dark coloured card stocks.

Foil Stamped Printing
Foil stamp is a specialty printing process that uses heat, pressure and metallic pigment (the foil) leaving a slight impression and a metallic, shiny finish. Works beautifully with both dark and light-coloured paper stocks.